Espresso Coffee & More


Espresso and coffee solutions offer a number of different espresso coffee options. Boutique blends, single origin,
Fair trade, UTZ certified and Organic coffee all form a very impressive selection of responsibly sourced coffee beans. Every bag of coffee beans has been through a very impressive and noble journey. You are able to offer your clients the very best from around the world and coffee that is truly very special.

The journey of every DE bean begins  in the plantation of the finest coffee growing regions in the world. Growers and their families are being looked after and sustainable practices are in place. The beans are carefully selected and identified as the best from specialist buyers from Douwe Egberts who roam the world sourcing the ultimate coffee bean harvest. The beans are carefully roasted by skilled craftsman and blended with expertise and knowledge that 250 years brings. The tastings and cupping of each blend is extensive as skilled and dedicated professionals strive to satisfy each blends tasting profiles to provide consistency and the very best tasting  espresso coffee in your cup time after time.



Roasted and ground coffee are available along with liquid coffee for Cafitesse systems and instant coffee options.

We are the right solution for your other hot beverage related needs including tea, drinking chocolate, milk product and whitener, syrups, sugar and sugar suppliments. Branded extras include ceramica and glassware, takeaway cups, lids and stirrers along with apparel and merchandise.

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